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#1: We are Elite Experts at Treating and Validating Car Accident Injuries.

#2: We Examine, Document and Track your Results, in efforts to continually Validate the Medical Necessity for Treatment of Injuries.

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Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury Secrets

"The Most Commonly Missed $65,000 Car Accident Injuries..."

FACT#1: Severe Injuries can occur after even low to moderate speed car accidents with minimal vehicle damage.

SECRET#1: Most doctors and attorneys know little about these injuries including AOMSI and Uncinate process neck fractures. Even fewer know the CORRECT Diagnostic Tests to use in diagnosing these clinically significant Injuries.

SECRET#2: These Injuries (when documented correctly) have a 1-2 year minimum recovery rate, up to 25% AMA Whole Person Impairment rating with a $65,000 minimum reserve limit you may be entitled too. 

SAD TRUTH: Unfortunately, MOST Doctor’s Offices and Emergency Rooms DO NOT screen for these severe injuries resulting in under-diagnosed injuries that do not heal optimally, take longer to heal and get cut off from treatment via Insurance Paid Independent Medical Evaluators (IMEs), who have a history of inadequately examining the patient. This practice leads to missed injuries and trouble receiving compensation for the inevitable long term supportive care.

FACT#2: Our Office FINDS and DOCUMENTS these injuries! These are just a few of the secrets to protecting your family before and after a car crash.

Independent Medical Validation (IMV)...

FACT#3: Independent Medical Validation (IMV) is the process of validating your Medical Records through review by a disinterested 3rd party Medical Doctor (MD). This helps to protect your family from unfair and low-ball claim offers leaving you with outstanding medical bills and no ability to prove pain and suffering. 

SECRET#3: However, the IMV is only as good as the treating doctors ability to document your entire case carefully. They must know which forms to give you and how to validate the medical necessity of your current medical treatment/bills. 

SECRET#4: The American Medical Associations (AMA) guidelines are an important aspect used to validate the treatment and potential impairment at the end of treatment. 

FACT#4: Our patients have access to Radiographs, MRIs, Ultrasounds, Digital Motion X-ray, NCV, and others specialized diagnostic testing to locate and determine the severity of less obvious but very clinical significant injuries. Our Clinic uses these tools to get you the RESULTS you DESERVE…

UNDENIABLE TRUTH: NO ONE deserves to have mediocre results when it comes to taking care of their family’s health.

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